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Menu Addis is all in one platform that allows you to provide a digital QR code menu, Digital menu board and delivery service for your business easily and effectively.

Free contact less menu

Are you using digital menu ?

At Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Cafes, Lounge & Shops digital menu brings varied advantages to improve revenue generation, and service quality for your customer. If you use Menu Addis it will maximize your revenue and your customer will gate various advantage.

At this time the Ministry of World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia announced to use contactless options whenever possible, therefore using Menu Addis digital menu has a good advantage to reduce the spreading of Covid-19 on your business area.

Menu  Addis also integrates with digital payment and other various advantages.

Are you using Menu Addis

By using Menu Addis you cane implement . . .

Digital QR Code Menu

It helps your customer to see your service and order from there smartphone and it will Streamline your ordering process and help you to sale more effectively.

Digital Menu Boards

It gives you better control over what you want to highlight on your menu which indirectly influences the choices of an order of a customer.

Room Service and Scaguling Order

Your customer cane gets fresh content & order from your hotel or guest room using there smartphone, tablet and/or laptop instantly with there comfort.

Self Delivery

By using Menu Addis you can take delivery orders yourself and increase your sales >30% & our platform gives you all the basic information to deliver your product easily. 

How to start using Menu Addis for your business?

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Working Bake End of The System

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Adding You Product

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Use of Menu Addis

Menu Addis give the ability to view your restaurant’s menu from their phone and place their order at the push of a button

easy Updates

Update Information in the restaurantcafe menu instantly. Change price, add products to the menu, and also automatically remove non existed items from menu.

Customization and branding

Select the theme template and change the colors of Catalog to match your restaurant menucafe menushop branding. Create your customized menu with 100% Menu Addis support member.

Multi Language support

Language will no longer be a barrier for your restaurantcafeshops Menu list. Our product supports 20+ languages.


If you implement Menu Addis you cane accept locale payment  ( Abisinya, CBE, Dashen, EBR and other) and International payment (Paypal, Stripe, Debit Card and other)


If you use a Digital QR Code Menu, Digital Menu Boards and/or Delivery & pick-up service, you can control all of theme in one account easily and effectively. 


Menu Addis allows you to create coupon code (promotion code) and it helped you to attract more customers and generate additional traffic, minimize advertising costs for business & other.

Cost and time saving

You don’t need to pay a lot of money for the design and printing of an updated menu for your restaurants, cafes, shops. You can update the digital menu with just one click.

Hear Your Customer

Use our simple feedback system to hear customer requests and observations about your restaurants, cafes, shops. Analyze customer feedback and improve customer satisfaction easily.

Available Anytime & Anywhere

Customers can find your restaurantcafe menu and your service and location at anytime and anywhere. Your digital menu will be easily reachable and attract new visitors.



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Menu addis

We give the ability to view your restaurant’s menu from their phone and place their order at the push of a button